Make every day the
best day possible.

You have a better choice for hospice care

At Keystone, we believe every day should be the best day possible. That’s why we’re leading the way in infusing complementary medicine treatments with traditional medicine in Idaho. Our dedication to providing pain relief is never-ending as we’re constantly exploring new techniques, to add to more well-known methods such as massage therapy acupuncture, and cranial-sacral treatments. We are committed to providing the best possible care for you and your loved ones.

caring nurses

Why choose Keystone Hospice?

One of the many reasons to choose Keystone is our team caseload is far less than at other area hospices.

With shared caseloads, our team is able to offer expert, individualized care, time and attention to each person we serve.

Experience personalized hospice care

Hospice care from Keystone is built around you…your concerns, your needs, and giving support to both you and your loved one. With our outstanding service and a variety of resources we can, together, make this journey as easy and peaceful as possible.

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