what is hospice
what is hospice

We are continuously searching for different ways to give relief to our patients. Our unique approach, which infuses the benefits of complementary medicine with traditional medicine, offers a variety of services to assist the mental and spiritual symptoms as well as the physical. Keystone Hospice is continuously searching for different ways to give relief to our patients.

Home is where the heart is

Home, there’s no place like it. Being in familiar and comfortable surroundings is reassuring to both patients and families. Keystone’s team, with their many years of experience, insight, and knowledge will do everything possible to ensure only the best and highest level of care is received in your home. Whether a skilled nursing facility, a friend or family member’s place, or the house you’ve been living in for many years, Keystone will come to you. Our team is honored to take care of you or your loved one and will assist in making every moment count in the final days.

Low numbers mean high quality

One of the biggest benefits to using Keystone is our nurse-to-patient ratio. By assigning smaller caseloads, the lowest in the valley, our nurses aren’t overscheduled and can focus on giving customized care, and time, each patient deserves. Our experienced and highly qualified team loves what they do. They bring strength, understanding and comfort to the families they serve. This isn’t just a job for our them; it’s a calling.

Access to Keystone doesn’t end upon death. Bereavement support is offered for at least a year.

Your Keystone Hospice Team

Hospice Medical Directors

Consults with members of Keystone team, as well as the patient's personal physician, and verifies the appropriateness of an admission. Our physicians make home visits to patients as needed to prevent unnecessary hospitalization or emergency room calls.

hospice medical director
rn case manager

RN Case Managers

Responsible for assessing how you or your loved one is feeling. Assists in managing physical symptoms with expert medical care and pain management. Frequently communicates with Medical Director to ensure correct choices and treatments are being administered. Visits at least twice a week, manages medications and discusses options to make improvements to improve quality of life.

Hospice Aide

Responsible for personal care to each patient, reports any changes in need and offers comfort measures as directed. Visit at least twice a week. The support aides provide allow families to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

hospice aide
medical social worker

Medical Social Workers

Serve as advocates for you or your loved one in obtaining government benefits—including the Medicare Hospice Benefit—and other services that are available to those diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Remove the logistical stress, arrange support, and help find benefits for your loved one.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists

Work closely in conjunction Keystone’s medical team to help optimize physical abilities and quality of life.

physical therapist
spiritual support

Chaplains and Spiritual Support Providers

Believe that health of the body cannot be separated from health of the soul. Chaplains help bring your heart peace amidst the struggle. Offer emotional and bereavement support. Here to support you wherever you are spiritually. Chaplains can coordinate visits with your church pastor.

Trained Volunteers

Bring an extra level of companionship and compassion into your home. Volunteers provide support through a variety of services to you and your loved one. Whether it’s reading, playing games, or just listening our volunteers are there for you.


Did you know that Keystone Hospice offers music therapy and pet therapy as well?

Our volunteers bring their talents to your loved one’s bedside. Learn how to volunteer.

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