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We bring compassion to our communities

As a leading voice in Idaho hospice care, Keystone Hospice realizes that not everyone fits into the standard description of a hospice patient. Therefore, in addition to our outstanding hospice care services, we have implemented several different programs that inform and serve our community.


Everyone at Keystone Hospice is dedicated to educating Idaho, our communities and our colleagues on end-of-life hospice or palliative care. We primarily provide workshops and in-service training at nursing homes and assisted living centers. In addition, we’re developing relationships with nursing schools and CNA programs where we conduct lectures on end-of-life care and comfort care.

Since less than 50% of people eligible for hospice care actually receive this valuable, specialized care, we feel we can improve overall end-of-life care by educating caregivers serving the other 50% on how to get hospice care for their patients. This is the Keystone Hospice mission and our goal; to improve end-of-life care for all Idahoans, not just those we serve.

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